Engage and partner with impactful members
of your local community.

Organic Marketing Tool

Spot the right influencers on the center of your own community
using social media, data analisys and AI.

Micro influencers

Micro doesn’t always mean small.

Micro-influencers have smaller followings and huge authority.

Hyper Local

Make a huge impact.

Find the benefits of working in short circuits with trusted local figures.


Communities are rich and diverse.

Tap into your multiple niches and subcultures.

Custom Tools & Sofware Development


Niche Influencers

Your audience follows talented creators that share their passion with a highly engaged community.
Find who your unique niche influencers are.

Spot your Brand’s Advocates

You know that you already have raving fans sharing the passion for your brand online?
Discover who they are and meet your own organic influencers.

Trageted Consumer Panels

Carefully select individuals to provide input and opinions on your products and services based on their profiles and specific interests.

Communities are built on trust, authenticity and real connecton.

Organic Influencer marketing is a sustainable alternative
to mainstream influencer strategies.

It allows brands to promote through someone
your audience trusts and engages on a daily basis.

Behind the Scenes


Software developer
Entrepreneur >> jobyourself

So many things happen online. We meet people, we fall in love, we show off, we feel down, we learn languages, cooking, dancing, we dream about a different world, we connect to make it happen.

With that in mind, I’m building a new path in social entrepreneurship. I’m using new technologies to facilitate a digital transformation for artists, entrepreneurs, social activists, brands of any size reach a wider audience while aligning with their values and vision.

“I’m a Data Scientist and Software developer. I’m passionate about creating digital tools to learn, connect and make a bigger impact in this changing world.”
Agustina Perez Iriarte

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    Agustina is a stunning person. While she masters a set of IT skills, she is also incredibly creative. Next, to her hard skills, she adds a lot of value to a team thanks to her relaxed attitude, reliability, ability to listen and challenge others.

    Adeline Michaux

    Agustina was a great person to work with. I appreciated her ability to be creative, her out of the box thinking and her ability to explain complex data insights in a very easy-to-understand manner. Moreover, everything she did was done with a lot of empathy. Agustina is a very warm-hearted person and an amazing team member

    Valentina Ponomariova